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Fun at Costceaux

I got a kick out of this. Just imagine Ripert’s reaction had he noticed the 250-pack tubs of MREs that are often available, or his response to the 6-person inflatable pool party raft (complete with cupholders) that forms a key component of the summer impulse buy aisle.

Hello, it’s me.


Green Chili Bhaji

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I guess I can add food blogging to the list of digital things that I fail at, along with managing fantasy basketball teams through an entire season and keeping a tumblr page going for more than a few weeks. Still, every now and then I get the urge to hold forth about things I like or post a photo of something delicious. A good example of the latter is these deep-fried green chilis from Sri Ganesh’s in Jersey City. I can assure you that as good as they look, they tasted even better.