Monthly Archives: August 2009

I did not like this beer

Dragon Stout

Overpoweringly malty and syrupy. It might be an interesting addition to a boozy cake, though.

We make chorizo

The pound of ground pork that’s been hanging out in our freezer for a couple of months was put to good use this week. We picked a recipe from this site (“Chorizo Mexicano”), halved it, and added a couple of chopped Scotch bonnets for extra heat. Sadly, we had to omit the extra quarter pound of pork fat since we didn’t have any on hand. We also didn’t have the time to store it for a few days in a crock (nor did we really have a suitable crock). Still, the chorizo came out very well (if a bit leaner than we’re used to), and it was a really quick process – maybe 30 minutes from start to finish.

More Katz’s-related crankiness

Why does it always have to be a contest? That said, I’m only too happy to offer my not necessarily expert opinion based on one visit to Schwarz’s and many visits to Katz’s. While I enjoyed my sandwich at the former, for me it’s Katz’s all the way, and I must (yes, must) take issue with a few things in the original post:

1) The size question. I do NOT think they’re equivalent. I had no trouble eating a whole Schwarz’s smoked meat sandwich (and in fact also ate french fries and a bunch of half-sours along with it), but I have to go halfsies on a Katz’s pastrami sandwich (and I apologize for using the word “halfsies”).

2) The mustard issue. Ok, dude, knocking Katz’s because the counter guy put too much mustard on your sandwich is nuts. YOU PUT THE MUSTARD ON THE SANDWICH YOURSELF.  Then you won’t be all, “Waah, it’s too mustardy! Waah!”

3) The fattiness issue. Like the mustard issue, this one also has a very simple solution. When you taste the sample slice the meat cutter offers you, you politely say, “I’d like that a bit fattier, please.”