Monthly Archives: October 2008

Great News!

Coming soon to Manhattan Ave. Hope it lives up to the excitement.

I Will Beat You Senseless With My Ear of Locally-Grown Corn

I know that all of the lovely, fresh produce and meat with a conscience is a beautiful thing, and I would hate going without it, but sometimes it seems like the Union Square Greenmarket is one of the city’s foremost purveyors of bad vibes.


Al had his eye on this sassily-named joint for a while. He succumbed to the the lure of the steaming drum grills last night and brought home a large container of jerk, which was a great move on his part. That’s some tasty chicken, folks. The spicing wasn’t as aggressive as I would have liked, and the hot sauce was too sweet. Still, the meat was cooked damn near perfectly with a satisfyingly deep smokiness. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Jerk-A-Rama can do.

Jerk-A-Rama, 704 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, NY