Monthly Archives: September 2008

I Don’t Even Want To Know…

One of the Google search terms that led to my blog is “hot chips in a buckey yum – pictures.”

Any ideas?

The Warm-up

After quite possibly years of discussion, the NJ Hot Dog Invitational occurred yesterday. I’ll have pictures and a write-up later this week. For now, I give you a few dogs from Nathan’s, which we enjoyed on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, and although a good chunk of Coney Island has been gutted or closed, there’s still a lot to experience. And taste. Nathan’s was, as always, quite good. I would have liked mine a bit more well done (love a crispy dog), but when you’re dealing with such a high-volume establishment, you don’t get to pick and choose. Our friends from London, who were having their first CI experience, opted for the chili dogs. They seemed to enjoy them, although the comment I remember (re: the chili itself, as Lee stared at his fingers in fascination) was, “It stains!”

Yes, I know.

It’s been a while. I apologize to the couple of people who read this blog regularly. My only excuse is that the tail end of summer always leaves me a bit groggy. I’m looking forward to shaking the sand out of my shoes and putting away the SPF 50 for a few months. I want root vegetables, gloves, crunchy leaves, and that sense of purpose that comes with a seasonal shift. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a bit more on these pages.