What the What?

I was pretty surprised to find a menu in the vestibule yesterday from the Hawaiian Teriyaki Grill. I hadn’t noticed a new restaurant, and it does seem a little strange considering the neighborhood. Upon closer inspection, it would appear to be operating out of the Fresca Tortillas on Manhattan near Nassau. The offerings are all over the place: lots of fried apps like mozzarella sticks and calamari, two kinds of wings (Buffalo and Hawaii BBQ), salads, various types of burgers (yup, there’s a “Big Kahuna”), and Hawaiian or teriyaki BBQ plates available with chicken, pork, beef, short ribs, or fried shrimp (how on earth do you barbecue a fried shrimp?). Sadly, no macaroni salad or spam (staples of the plate lunch, or so I’ve been told).

Hawaiian Teriyaki Grill/Fresca Tortillas, 620 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222

3 responses to “What the What?

  1. went to a wedding in SF last year with some guests from hawaii who brought food to a party the day before. I had never heard of the Spam thing, but they had what looked like giant Spam sushi rolls. They were AWESOME.

  2. I think that’s called Spam Musubi?

  3. I just ordered from Hawaiian Teriyaki Grill and, just like L&L Hawaiian in Manhattan on Fulton Street, the burger was phenominal, the beef kebob was absolutely delicious, and the portion of fries was generous and good. Their prices are excellent and the wait time on delivery is just right. Id happily order from them again, and if you’re in need of a good burger, grab the bbq bacon burger.

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